Attanya: #WeNeedDiverseBooks because I love science fiction and fantasy books, but I’m tired of authors treating dragons and robots and magic as more plausible than black and brown characters

Jennifer: #WeNeedDiverseBooks because… when I was 13 a white girl told me it was selfishthat all of the protagonists in my stories were Latina because she “just can’t relate to nonwhite characters.” She made me feel guilty for writing about people like me. 

Aiesha: #WeNeedDiverseBooks because…Black Girls are more than sidekicks or “sassy, ghetto friend”

Facts and Figures About Race/Ethnicity in YA and Children’s Lit:


Posting this a little late, but followers please take the time out to check out this post explaining the #WeNeedDiverseBooks campaign and more events to come over the next few days! 

Just a reminder that representation is still an uphill battle.

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Lol…kinda sounds like me. #sheltered #nodrugs

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how to attract catholic boy


  • tell every1 u know u have vocation to marriage
  • conspicuously read theology of the body
  • refer to urself as ‘mary looking for her joseph’
  • or ‘zélie looking for her louis’ if u prefer
  • modest is hottest??????
  • make sure u talk about nfp and how it’s super effective
  • not…

had to reblog this. too hillarious.